Hoo.com Invitation Code: Get 55% Discount on Trading Free

Hoo.com Invitation Code is “ 26305994 ” to get up to 55% discount on the trading fee and commision. The Hoo Exchange is a secure, stable, and reliable global digital currency exchange offering Bitcoin BTC, Ethereum ETH, Litecoin LTC, and other currency transactions for real-time quotes. Use of invitation code actually helps you to get discounts on transaction fees, referral bonuses, and of course free hoo tokens. Moreover, you can earn by refer your friends to get enormous rebates. 

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To learn more about the Hoo Invitation Program and referral bonus, keep scrolling!

Hoo.com referral code


Hoo Exchange is a cryptocurrency exchange registered in Hong Kong. It has been up and running since May 2018. Some of you might have heard of the exchanges Chaince and OAX. These were actually acquired by Hifi Technologies, the company owning the Hoo Exchange, and merged into the Hoo Exchange.

Use of Hoo Exchange Invitation Code 2022

Hoo Exchange Crypto Exchange
👉Hoo Invitation code 26305994
➡️ Refer & Earn free hoo tokens
💰 Signup Bonus 50% discount
✅ Per Referral 30% fee

How To Create Account on Hoo.com using Invitation code

For creating an account on Hoo, you just need to follow the steps that we have given below-

  1. First of all, just go to the official website of  Hoo.com.
  2. Enter email and other required details.
  3. Verify your email by filling in the correct code.
  4. Enter Hoo invitation code:  26305994
  5. Create account
  6. Start trading in USDT, BTC, or any other convenient pair.
Hoo Doesn’t have a mandatory KYC so it can be the ideal option for a lot of people looking to trade without sharing the identity.

How to earn with Hoo.com Referral Code

  • Once you Sign in go to the dashboard in hoo.com exchange
  • Then click on the Referral commission
  • There you will see “referral link” and “referral code” copy it 26305994
  • Share it with your friends on social media and with your family
  • Once they trade with your referral code they will get 55% off on all trading fees
  • You will 20% rebate on your friend’s trading
  • There is a future welcome bonus for new users get chance to earn free hoo tokens

Hoo.com Invitation Program

1. The number of friends you can invite varies based on your VIP level. Upgrade your level to invite more friends. 

2. When a friend accepts your invitation. Both you and your friend will get 50 points which have the same validity period stated in the VIP rights.

3. Each time your friend makes a transaction, you will get certain amounts of commission accordingly. First-level friends get 20% of commission max; Second level friends get 10% of commission max.

4. The commission will be locked for 30 days. Commission = Actual Fee * Commission rate.

5. Hoo will calculate the price of the coin according to the market price of USDT. The number of coins rewarded may vary based on the price.

6. Only when your friends make Spot Trading will you be eligible of getting the commission fee.

7. If the one you invited disobeys related risk control rules, you will be disqualified of getting the commission.
Please refer to the announcements of Hoo official if there are any changes to the rules. Hoo reserves the right to the final explanation.


Hoo.com is a convenient, professional, secure, stable, and reliable global digital currency exchange offering Bitcoin BTC, Ethereum ETH, Litecoin LTC, and other currency transactions for real-time quotes. So use our Hoo Invitation Code which is “ 26305994  ”, now you can create an account on this platform with our invitation code to get a 55% discount bonus rewardSo here is the complete information about the Hoo exchange and its invitation program. We hope that this information is helpful for you and you can easily trade on Hoo.com, For any queries, you can tell us in the comment section.


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